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Linux-TKS Project Developing Freedesktop's Secret Service API

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freedesktop.org specified the Secret Service as a standard way for applications to store sensitive data in a dedicated vault.

This specification is currently implemented by GNOME's Keyring and KDE's KWallet. Application developers need to choose one of these desktop environments if they are to use the Secret Service API. Each of these desktops come with a large set of dependencies and have drawbacks attached to them.

Linux-TKS appeared as a personal project, to offer Linux users, be them application developers or end-users, the opportunity to handle sensitive data in a Desktop-Environment agnostic way, by implementing the Secret Service API. We use prior experience from the years when we maintained KDE's KWallet system to come-up with a secure and robust no-nonsense solution. Linux-TKS uses Rust language, getting a head start of security, robustness and maintainability.

Your contribution, while greatly appreciated, will provide for a sustained development pace and motivate. Every donation counts, be it big or small!

Thank you,

The Linux-TKS Project

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