I am writing Spotlights on overlooked, underappreciated and forgotten RPGs.

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We all know the hobby favorites: D&D, Fate, Savage Worlds, Apocalypse World (and a handful of breakout derivatives) and others. These are the games that get played at conventions, talked about in public forms, and often inspire derivative works.

Recently, I've been taking the time to take a closer look at some overlooked and forgotten gems. I'm going to be writing about these games in an effort to bring more attention to those games that may have fallen through the cracks. I hesitate to use the word "review" as I won't be doing a score breakdown, weighing pros and cons, or covering the whole game in detail. Instead, I plan to highlight the parts that make me think the game is worthy of attention and play. I'm calling these articles, "spotlights".

Initially, I'm going to post these articles on steemit, a new platform that allows posters to monetize their contributions by adding currency value to the "up votes" they receive. I fully admit to being a bit skeptical of this platform but it does provide you with two ways to support this endeavor of mine. You can contribute directly through this site or you can lend up votes to the posts at steemit. Or both!

You can find the articles here: https://steemit.com/@jburneko

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

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