Kristopher Justin

Blogger, vlogger, and author, creating content about climate change and the collapse of society.

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Hi! My name is Kristopher, and I am a controversial content creator and organizer.

I create educational and informational content online to spread awareness about climate change, conflict, and societal collapse. As someone who can see the direction the world is going, as well as someone who believes that a better future is possible, I see online tools such as YouTube, Reddit, and others as tools that can be used to effect revolutionary change. That change can be both as large as the direction of our current societal thinking, or as small as the knowledge of a single individual, and I find both to be equally important. The content I create in the form of blog articles and videos covers a wide range of subjects, and I do my best to challenge my readers to think unconventionally about the way they interact with the world around them. to that end, my content runs the gamut from climate change and global conflict to societal and ecological collapse, as well as all of the factors contributing to them all. In addition, I create informational and educational material about how people can prepare themselves and their families for the kinds of adverse events associated with collapse. I have even published a couple of books on those subjects, "Wasteland By Wednesday," and "Prepping For Collapse," with more on the way.

Here is a linktree where all of my content and socials can be found.


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