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Hi, I'm ToxicStoxm, also known as x_Tornado10. I'm a hobby developer from Italy. In my free time, I enjoy working on my various projects, such as:

  • crafti-servi: A Minecraft plugin that adds new features and improves the gameplay experience.
  • LED-Cube-Control-Panel: A GTK-4 Libadwaita application for controlling a custom 10x10x10 LED cube, allowing for creative light displays and custom animations.

I have a passion for coding and creating tools that make gaming and tech more fun and interactive. Your support helps me continue developing and sharing these projects with the community. Thanks for stopping by!

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LED-Cube-Control-Panel Sterne 2 Diese Woche aktualisiert

Control Panel for a 10x10x10 LED matrix written in JAVA [Front-End only]

craftiservi Sterne 2 vor 6 Monaten aktualisiert

Craftiservi is a Bukkit/Spigot Plugin for your Minecraft survival server. It adds several features such as InventorySavePoints, AdminChat, and more. (See README.md for more information)


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