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Community-run server for Motor Town: Behind The Wheel

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The Workers League

The largest independent server community in Motor Town: Behind The Wheel

We're a fun, safe community with optional light RP and accountable moderation.

Donations go toward server hosting, Discord server boost, and similar costs that keep the community running. Donators don't get roles or perks, just the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a community we all love, ensuring it lives on. <3

With groups like The Racers League, League Police Dept, Motor Town Express, and the Syndicate, TWL is a friendly, active, enjoyable community for all types of play styles to cooperate, challenge, and enjoy Motor Town with other drivers making the world feel more alive.

Players love TWL, and we owe it to them to keep this place lovable.

Why we accept donations

Currently, all server costs are paid monthly by Management personal funds. Any overage will be rolled over to next month, maintaining a backup fund for server boost, a prepaid multi-month hosting contract, server migration/emergency costs, and other infra/capacity for community projects.

Staff will not currently receive any of the funds directly, other than to pay for the above mentioned costs. In the future, we may use extra funds in order to support development of server tools, plugins, monitoring etc. TWL will publish how donations are used on a monthly basis.

Please let Staff know if you have feedback or questions.

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Note about currencies

In order to be more transparent about how much money we actually receive (and do not lose in terms of currency conversion fees from Stripe or Paypal), we only accept US Dollars.

This should also mean that we see more from your money because the currency conversion by your bank will be taxed at a lower rate (if a fee applies at all), than the one from Stripe/PayPal.

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