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Parabola GNU/Linux-libre - 100% libre operating system

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Parabola GNU/Linux-libre is a Free Software and Free Culture project providing a 100% libre operating system. The primary project goal is to give the user total control over their operating system, including the ability to easily migrate to and from several init-systems. To this end, Parabola provides complete source files for all software and artwork, including the internal development tools and web services.

Parabola is based directly on the ArchLinux system and its ports, to provide complete and up-to-date "rolling-release" operating systems for i686, x86_64, and armv7h CPUs, with "bleeding-edge" software and a strong focus on user privacy. In addition to those, Parabola is also keen to support the new breed of "open-design" computer architectures, including RISC-V and POWER9. The package and system management tools are simple and efficient, minding as closely as possible to the Arch philosophy, without sacrificing software freedom, artistic freedom, and init freedom. In maintaining these high standards, Parabola meets and exceeds the GNU Free Software Distribution Guidelines and is endorsed by the Free Software Foundation.

Development focuses on a balance of simplicity, elegance, and code-correctness with bleeding edge Free Software and a strong focus on user privacy. Parabola's lightweight and simple design principles makes it easy to extend and mold into whatever kind of system you're building.

This team account funds the sysadmins, developers, and artists working on the Parabola project. All infrastructure is donated by friends of freedom such as [1984 Hosting Company](www.1984.is).

You can find us at several locations in cybre-space:


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