Content Creator | 3D Animator | Music Producer | Tech Lover | Valuer Of Friendships

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Who are you?

Hey there, the name is MrTeeXD, I am a self taugh Music Producer and a 3D Animator. I have a love for tech and a valuer of friendships.

Why did you create a LiberaPay Page?

I am a Content Creator for 7 years and a Livestreamer for 3 years. I had my community tell me that they want to support me without the Platforms they support me on taking a fee, so I created this for those who wanted to support me Monthly.

What is your dream?

To be able to do Content Creation and Livestreaming full-time.

I Want Support Your Dream

It means alot of you wanting to support my dream and I thank you for that. I am not asking for much, nor do I want a big donation/tip. All I ask is something small like $1 or $2. I highly appreciate you :D


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