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Hi I am Gabriel Screenshot

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I started making textures from 2020 with small drawings like icons and more. At the beginning of 2021 I planned make a big project for Minetest Game, i took above 3 months for complete a part of this and currently I am making new things for this, also I knew people that helped me to make this dream real, one of they is David Leal known as Panquesito7.

I made a texture pack in Minetest Game called Methro Pack you can find it too on ContentDB, currently Methro Pack supports the next following mods:

Donating me will make me feel me more animated for continue my work

What you gain after donating?

  • If you are on my Discord Server you'll get the Methro Supporter Role, however remember send evidences of the payment if you are asking for the role.

  • A friend request on discord where you can talk me whatever you want.


Credits to David Leal (Panquesito7) for helping me to information as License and fix my errors what I sometimes had, also check out his Github for more information.


  • E-mail: <silentxe1@gmail.com>
  • Element/Matrix: ~Methro~
  • Discord: SiLeNT#4903

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