Thea Barnes

Creating open source apps and themes for Linux

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I'm creating open source apps and themes for Linux desktops, including KDE and GNOME.

I need donations because I was laid off during the pandemic, so donations will go to paying to keep the electricity and internet on, as well as basic needs like food.

My open source apps include:

  • chrome-sipml5, the first SIP client for Google Chrome
  • indicator-keylock, an applet for Linux systems to display the status of the lock keys
  • slaktool, a currently unmaintained Slackware package manager
  • and more small utilities, check out my GitHub

My open source themes include:

  • Lucrezia, a stylish pink and white theme for KDE and GNOME
    • Lucrezia also features a Latte Dock layout
  • Klaus, a gruvbox hard dark theme for GTK+ desktops
  • Daniela, a modern orange and white theme for KDE
    • Daniela also features a Latte Dock layout

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tsbarnes-rails 1 vor 3 Wochen aktualisiert

My personal website, written in Ruby on Rails

Klaus 5 vor 3 Monaten aktualisiert

Klaus - a gruvbox hard dark theme for GTK desktops

chrome-sipml5 13 vor 3 Monaten aktualisiert

A Google Chrome extension that adds a simple voice-only SIP client to the toolbar.

Lucrezia 1 vor 3 Monaten aktualisiert

White and pink theme for KDE Plasma and GNOME

Daniela 1 vor 4 Monaten aktualisiert

A warm, inviting orange and white theme

Cupcake 1 vor 7 Monaten aktualisiert

Light and fluffy theme for GTK+

City 1 vor 7 Monaten aktualisiert

A stylish pastel theme for GNOME

Rosewood 0 vor 8 Monaten aktualisiert

Rosewood theme for KDE Plasma

OrangeBlossom 0 vor 9 Monaten aktualisiert

Soft pinks with a hint of orange

com.tsbarnes.CyberpunkNeon 1 vor 9 Monaten aktualisiert

A cyberpunk theme for KDE



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