Queer hacker. Mastodon instance admin. Pentester, exploit, software dev. Beautiful depressed mess.

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Hey, so I'm Kim, a fitness obsessed, lesbian hacker. Please help support me under the crushing weight of capitalism. I have so many sad and so little currency.

I'm also a Mastodon instance admin over at https://notbird.site - we've been running for over a year now and still going strong!

On your average day I can usually be found doing any combination of the following:

  • Working on Gophor (a Gopher server I designed in GoLang, this is most of my time at the moment): https://github.com/grufwub/gophor

  • Cursed software projects.

  • Script automating more parts of my life than any human should rightfully be doing.

  • HackTheBox, etc.

  • Managing https://notbird.site

  • Reading up on latest vulnerabilities, learning how they work, attempting to create PoCs.

  • Job searching (yay, unemployed).

So, as mentioned above, I'm unemployed. But this isn't due to lack of effort! Being openly queer and a self-taught developer, i.e. I have no formal qualifications or certs, unfortunately works against me. I also deal with chronic mental health issues (ADHD, anxiety, depression, ...) which further adds difficulties to the situation.

Basically? Financially my situation would be described as "scraping by". I'm real tired of that. If you wanna help? That'd be really cool! Failing that, any of the following are also valid reasons to donate:

  • Supporting my work and contributions (all of which is open-source).

  • Encouraging my self-improvement as a budding hacker / exploit developer. Things I'd get into if I had the money include iOS and Intel ME security research.

  • Being in a fortunate financial situation, while understanding the bullshit situation our planet, politics and economy are in. And wanting to pay forward to someone who's struggling.

  • Spiting me, as having read this sentence you now know that I find asking for help exceedingly difficult. And you want to inflict mental anguish by financially unburdening me.

  • Being a generally good human bean. Yes, bean. You, yes you, you're great. Thank you.

  • Thanking me for my particular brand of screaming into the void on social media. You absolutely shouldn't do, my posts are awful. But thank you nonetheless.

  • You accidentally mis-clicked your way through the entire donation process, and you're too stubborn to accept defeat by cancelling payment. I respect that.

  • By giving me money you're imagining me financially dominating you. I'm not going to, but I'm too poor to turn down payments and if this helps you make one then by all means go for it.

I'm running out of things to say now... So uh, if you are planning on donating then thank you so much, you are wonderful. And if not? I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a lovely day :).

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