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As the founder of ChadChan/PDLH, I wish to hold a grounds of media where the userbase controls more of the platform than the staff does. While looking simple (and primitive, for that matter) on the front-end, users will soon realize how many features there are, how secure it is, and how private things are on ChadChan. I would like to keep these things going, as well as dedicate more of my time to the cause - the last true free-speech platform on the clearnet.

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emojiC 16 vor 1 Woche aktualisiert

the worst language of all time

obee 2 vor 1 Monat aktualisiert

A text editor for the practical man.

pro-g-ramming_challenges 13 vor 4 Monaten aktualisiert

Doing all the pro/g/ramming challenges (4/8chan)

fun-one-liners 2 vor 1 Jahr aktualisiert

a collection of neat little novelties. mostly not made in one line.

hconway 0 vor 1 Jahr aktualisiert

conway 10k in x86 asm

shortstack 2 vor 1 Jahr aktualisiert

a data entry program that allows one to rank their waifus

Windows-Exploit-Development-practice 1 vor 1 Jahr aktualisiert

Writing 50 POC's for exploits from scratch as practice for OSCE, all BOF. Including: Vannila, SEH, egghunters, ASLR/DEP/NX bypassing

pseudo-nim 0 vor 1 Jahr aktualisiert

the classic game terrifyingly made with emojis.

snaik 0 vor 1 Jahr aktualisiert

Extremely efficient snake game.

simpleton 0 vor 2 Jahren aktualisiert

Very simple AutoHotKey Email Spammer.

leafblower 0 vor 2 Jahren aktualisiert

A Google search tool originally designed to find Canadian MAP violators.

cheesecode-1 (Fork) 0 vor 5 Monaten aktualisiert

small projects fork


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