A free, libre & open-source webcomic, supported by its patrons, to change the comic book industry!

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For any questions please do not hesitate to contact me to uma@airmail.cc

The intent of Unitoo-Comics is to enhance independent cartoonists giving them full freedom to create anything they want, without having to submit to any "rule", except to release all the material in Creative Commons. What would like to become Unitoo-Comics for independent cartoonists is what is, currently, the Marvel and the DC comics for the current "commercial products"

(there are already many groups, more or less small, where cartoonists meet to discuss and show their works ... Unitoo-Comics wants to "enclose" all these groups under one name, without depriving anyone of their independence)

A free, libre and open-source webcomic, supported directly by its patrons, to change the comic book industry!

What Unitoo-Comics would like to be able to "create" is a sort of "comic book publisher" free and in Creative Commons, where the authors of the different comics decide what to do and not a possible publisher to tell them what they should / can draw and / or do not draw

Now there are so many sites that collect many designers (just look at mastodon.art for example) but no one who collects (and expands the community so that even emerging designers can be helped / advised without problems) all independent designers under one name ... It would be nice to be able to become a great group and compete with big names that currently steal the whole comic strip scene

The Unitoo-Comics income wants to be just "the name", do not want in any way to ask anyone for any money ... just want to make this idea real, thanks to all those who want to believe ...

The cartoonist will continue to do all the drawings he/she is already doing, but will become part of a "bigger" community with the sole task of "sharing" his knowledge with anyone else who wants to become part of it (even paying , if it deems it appropriate)

We do not have a site to "advertise" any works, but we have a large audience that follows me, so the artist would also earn in any visualizations / sales

If you don't like using Liberapay I also publish the PayPal account: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=N6CV43BHX35SG&source=url


  • Each cartoonists can choose from a LIST (almost terminated) of "free" characters one or more characters to be born and grow in their comic book, or create new ones to add to the list, released under Creative Commons.
    • Each cartoonists will have to create their comics in English (then in all the languages they want)
    • Each cartoonists will have to put the "Unitoo-Comics" logo on the covers of all the numbers that will be created after choosing the characters. (logo still to be created / decided)
    • Each cartoonists will have to put his own link for donations in all the numbers that will be created after choosing the characters.
    • Each cartoonists will decide whether to release an entire webcomic or just a part for free and in Creative Commons
    • Each cartoonists will decide, based on the appreciation and / or donations received, whether to go on with the story / create a subsequent number of his own comic or not.
  • Unitoo-Comics is committed to giving visibility to the work of its cartoonists, publishing, on a regular basis (as far as possible) the various numbers of comics currently out
    • Unitoo-Comics will NOT ask for money from its cartoonists, but will also need donations to support themselves
    • Based on the donations received, Unitoo-Comics will be able to create contests and give prizes to its cartoonists


Character List -> https://cloud.unitoo.pw/index.php/s/PnyDaEWbDcePwmG <-

  • Anti-Herows -> 41
  • Heroes -> 237
  • Mascots -> 71 (not finished)
  • Villains -> 138
  • Fusions -> 0 (not started)


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