Sands Films Cinema Club

Sands Films Cinema Club

Sands-Films-Cinema-Club erhält 40,27 £ pro Woche von 21 Förderern.


The Cinema Club was started in May 2005 and runs in person film screenings, on Tuesday evenings. The club has an educational, cultural and political agenda and is not aiming at being yet another entertainment venue. One particularity of the club is that there is no admission fee: it is open and freely accessible, subject to seat availability. (you need to book) There is no admission fee and instead there is an invitation to donate to support the club and contribute to its costs. During the pandemic the club closed its doors to the public but transferred its activities on line; not as a streaming service but simply as an alternative way to remain in contact with the audience and to continue sharing our passion for films. Now the pandemic restrictions are lifting, the doors are again open to a small, reduced, audience, but the online broadcast is to remain as so many enjoy it. The pricing policy remains the same: no fix price charge; although costs have gone up substantially. The point of this pricing model is that art and culture should be freely available to all, without restrictions or limits; especially online. By asking for donation we respect the fact that not everyone can afford to support access to art and culture at the same level. Some people cannot afford it at all, others are genuinely taking an active role with generous donations.

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