Rodney Croome

LGBTIQ Activist

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Rodney Croome is one of Australia’s most successful LGBTIQ human rights advocates. His activism has been recognised in Australia and beyond. He has been awarded a number of honours including becoming a Member of the Order of Australia (2003), Tasmanian Australian of the Year and Australian of the Year finalist (2015) and receiving an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Tasmania (2019).

Rodney’s achievements over three decades of advocacy include leading the transformation of Tasmania’s LGBTIQ laws from the worst in Australia to the best in the world, and leading many successful national campaigns, from lifting the ban on gay and lesbian service personnel through to marriage equality.

While there has been much progress on the rights of LGBTIQ individuals, Rodney continues his activism in the following areas:

Protecting existing rights and legal advances, including fighting the Religious Freedom Bills

Banning LGBTIQ conversion practices

Allowing blood donations from gay men

Advancing LGBTIQ rights in countries world-wide

Rodney’s activism work is full-time and largely voluntary. Rodney is available 24/7 and is tireless and relentless in his pursuit of his goals. Supporting Rodney through a regular donation ensures that he has sufficient funds to take care of the day-to-day costs associated with his activism work, freeing him up to concentrate on things that matter.


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