Open Valley, an Open Source game like Stardew Valley

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Open Valley.

Hi, i'm trying to re-create with Flare a completely open source version (using the Liberated Pixel Cup asset, present on OpenGameArt.org) of Stardew valley... i have no idea if this idea will last or i'll get tired before, but I try XD

(we want to use the tilesets, sprites and portraits of the stardew valley open source mods, not the originals!!!)

actual progress:

unlike in stardew valley, the player will have to re-start the whole country in addition to the farm. Initially there will only be the player and the self-proclaimed mayor of the village. the player will have to:

  • fix the interiors of the various houses/shops,
  • clear the land of the village,
  • create roads, bridges, a school and various embellishments, (in order to attract new possible inhabitants and unlock new buildings and plots)
  • create new houses for new NPC, when the "default" NPC have populated the country


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