Lains is creating GNOME third-party apps and contributing to open source.

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I'm Lains, an app developer in open source. You might know me by my apps such as Notejot, Khronos and Quilter.

By donating, you are actually investing in my app quality and also make me able to continue developing my own apps, as well as jumpstarting my independent developer life. All of the money goes to sustaining myself independently by paying bills & food, and all the stuff that a human needs in the modern society to not blip off the internet.

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notejot 134 vor 1 Woche aktualisiert

Stupidly-simple notes app.

khronos 15 vor 1 Woche aktualisiert

Track each task's time in a simple inobtrusive way

quilter 269 vor 2 Wochen aktualisiert

[Being Merged with Apostrophe] Focus on your writing.

icon-previewer 7 vor 1 Monat aktualisiert

Previews your icon for you to check it with the elementary OS guidelines



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