A GNOME library to display and edit source code

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GtkSourceView is a GNOME library to display and edit source code. It provides many features: syntax highlighting, undo/redo, file loading and saving, search and replace, auto-completion, printing, displaying line numbers, etc.

In Debian, more than 50 applications rely on GtkSourceView, including gedit and GNOME Builder.

In addition to GtkSourceView, there is also the new Tepl library, the “Text editor product line”. Tepl serves as an incubator for GtkSourceView: when developing new features and new APIs, the features are first developed in Tepl to not make GtkSourceView unstable. So this fundraising concerns also Tepl, but GtkSourceView and Tepl are in essence the same project.

Goal: working two days per week on GtkSourceView and Tepl

After some computation, the conclusion was that 340€ was a decent gross salary for two days of work for that kind of work.

Progress reports


There is plenty of possible things to do, as the GtkSourceView and Tepl roadmap shows.

In short, the priority is to:

  • Continue to well maintain the codebase, to be as bug-free as possible and have a clean implementation;
  • Ease the development of text editors and IDEs, by making more features re-usable and by creating higher-level APIs.

Why GtkSourceView is on Liberapay

Although GtkSourceView is used by many applications, the library has been almost entirely developed by volunteer work, without being paid, except a few Google Summer of Code. Nowadays Sébastien Wilmet is doing almost all the work, he is the maintainer of GtkSourceView and Tepl, and seeks financial support.

The Liberapay platform has been chosen for several reasons:

  • Liberapay is run by a non-profit organization;
  • The platform is rooted in the open source community, and as such it has open source code;
  • It has very low fees, Liberapay is funded like any other project on Liberapay itself. Sébastien gives them a part of the donations he receives;
  • The donations are recurrent, so it's something the developers can better count on.

Thanks for your support!


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