Raphael Slepon

The creator and editor of Finnegans Wake Extensible Elucidation Treasury (Fweet)

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Fweet --- or, in its full name, Finnegans Wake Extensible Elucidation Treasury --- is a major online resource for Finnegans Wake scholarship, a searchable repository of notes about James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. And I --- Raphael Slepon --- am its creator and editor.

Since you most probably have arrived here from Fweet's website (http://www.fweet.org), further introductions are in all likelihood unnecessary.

Fweet is free, and will remain so. For fifteen years, I didn't accept any donations, but circumstances change, and now I rather need the income. So, if you are considering becoming a patron, supporting the future of Fweet's development through a recurring donation, you have my utmost gratitude.


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