Roll For Luck

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a podcast about one man, a cattle prod, and several people held captive, forced to play role-playing games or else they will not be allowed to eat.

This is all for an actual play podcast, if you somehow made your way here without having heard the podcast, please take a listen. you may well enjoy it. soundcloud.com/rollforluck

If you find your self enjoying this podcast and craving more, bonus tracks, and wanting to hear some DM therapy sessions, these are some of the tasks I am looking to do next and want to dedicate it specifically to my donors. though, prepare your self for some sanity loss.

Some of the long-term goals are to build a room made for the recordings, with sound dampening panels and a nice set up to make the listening experience a thousand times better for everyone. as well as well as a better mic stand, suspension mount, and being able to purchase some music for the background.

I my self am the sole creator of this podcast, recording, editing, posting, and promoting the whole thing myself. it has proven a challenge, but to be honest, I adore it. though, between two jobs, running a small business, and my wonderful husband, it is hard to keep up with it, I am hoping to use this platform to supplement at least half of one of my jobs. . . hopefully. . . one day. . .

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